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Erbil: On March 19, 2019, Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat the President of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in the presence of The Sulaymaniyah Chamber President, welcomed a hot Kwanjin , the newly appointed South Korean Consul General to Erbil. 

In a meeting, Dr. Khayat praised the activities of South Korean State over 14 years in Erbil and Kurdistan Region. 

Dr. Khayat, said that the commercial relationship between Iraq and South Korea, dates back to the end of twentieth century. Throughout last years, The South Korea implemented many unique activities and investment here, specially the Zaytun Camp, was active in helping to promote many sectors, like routes, construction, education,,etc. 

Dr. Khayat, indicated to that for the good quality of the South Korean products and their reasonable price, they are people's preference in the Region. Hoped success for the new Consul, and to further development of relations.

The diplomat said that since the establishing of Zaytun camp the mutual relation witnessed progress and they try to promote the cultural, economical, and political ties. 

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Erbil: On March 17, 2019, in the presence of Nechirvan Barzani the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region, a number of ministers, government official, The president of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat, the Second Middle East Tourism Fair (METIX) opened in Erbil. 

A 250 companies from 20 countries participated in the Fair.

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Erbil: On March 13, 2019, For participating in the Ninth Middle East Fair for Construction, a large delegation from Kurdistan chambers and Mosul Chamber and businessmen presided by Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat, included representatives of the Chambers and businessmen visited Amed city in Turkey.

In the morning of March 14, the delegation was welcomed by the head of Amed Chamber, Mohammad Kaya, and the Batman Chamber president and businessmen, and a number of the city 's officials. Dr. Khayat, reiterated the importance of having strong businessmen ties with Turkey's Chambers. And the delegation visited a number of factories in the city. 

On March 16, the delegation visited the Batman Chamber of Commerce, and Shirnakh govern orate, where the governor received the delegation and the both sides discussed the ways to promote relations between the private sector. 

Dr. Khayat said that now their is a united custom law throughout Iraq, and Kurdistan Economy is reviving, hoped the Turkish investors come to the Region to establish business. 

Hoped a delegation from Shirnakh to visit Erbil soon. 

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