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Erbil Economy

Since ancient times the city of Erbil was the meeting point for trade relations between the cities of Kurdistan and the cities such as Mosul and Baghdad. 

Despite that the city of Erbil, the summer capital of Iraq and is now the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan at the same time, the economic capital of Iraq, which is known starting point of the economy toIraq. 

Because of the security available in the city, it is a strong economic center, and stationed in it a large number of local businesses and regional and global companies, and where these companies are operating across Iraq.

More than 15 international and specialist, fairs with the participation of hundreds of international companies held annually in Erbil in. The city has an appropriate basis for agricultural, industrial and famous over the centuries the for cultivation of wheat and barley. As the city has ranked first in Iraq in livestock breeding and the abundance o f animal products in it. 

The mountains areas are famous for, grape, pomegranate, figs, peer, apples and walnuts. 
There are hundreds of factories in the city. 
Erbil city is the center of trade in Iraq, and the imported materials reaching Iraq from abroad viaErbil. 
The majority of the population working in agriculture, industry and trade, many of them are government employers.


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