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Erbil: On 24th Nov, 2021, Dr. Dara Jalil Khayat in the presence of a number of board directors of the Chamber, received Atif AlGharyani, the director of the trade center in the Tunisia embassy in Baghdad. 

In this meeting sides discussed the commercial ties between Kurdistan Region and Tunisia. 

The Tunisian official said: It has been a long time that our business delegations are absent in the Region due to the pandemic and the ISIS war in Iraq. The last time was in 2014. 

AlGharyani continued to say: The Kurdustan Region is an important place for us, we try to establish direct flights between Kurdustan and Tunisia, and we think about opening our consulate in Erbil. And, now we set to organize the visa issuance process. 

The Tunisan diplomat emphasized on the role of the Chamber as he said the opinion and the support of the Chamber is crucial for us while we are now trying to help our companies invest in the Region in the fields of tourism and industry, to benefit from the opportunities in the Region, we try to pave the way for the participation of both side companies in the fairs and exhibitions. 


He went on: We will be having a high-level meeting to prepare for a joint forum between Kurdistan Region and Tunisia.

He pointed out that the annual commercial exchange between the both sides is 25 million $, there is plan for raising this size.

Dr. Khayat commended all the efforts that make having better relations possible, and expressed the support of the Chamber fit all that endeavors. 

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