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Tunis:For the period from 12-15 / June / 2013 ,a delegation from the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the region of Kurdistan has participated in the Tunisian international exhibition  for Industrial partnership and Innovation, which was held in Tunisia, Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat Chairman of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Kurdistan region headed the trade delegation of Kurdistan ,and  accompanied by    President of the Sulaymaniyah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a number of members of the boards of chambers of commerce of Erbil Sulaymaniyah and Dohuk with a group of traders.

The delegation has received at the airport by a number of officials headed by Mr. Rast Nuri Shaways head of diplomatic mission of  Iraq to Tunisia, the presence of Kurdistan trade delegation in this  event had a  good effect in the hearts of Tunisian businessmen and officials and the media,  the President of the delegation was stressed   in his meetings with Tunisians economic officials, including ministers of industry and trade, tourism, transport and communications on the importance of Iraq's Kurdistan region in the economic arena of Iraq in all areas of development and the need Tunisia to enter to the market of Kurdistan, which enhances the economic and trade relations between the two parties,.

The trade delegation also participated Kurdistan Tunis investment forum 2013, which was attended by Tunisian Prime Minister and a number of concerned ministers.

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Erbil: On 06/12/2013,Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Sophie vice president of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry has received at his office Mr. Mazian  Aaron Deputy Commercial Consul of Malaysia / Dubai office, who is visiting the region to look closely at  the economic reality in the region, the Vice President of the Chamber hailed this visit ,said that would open the door of trade , economic and investment  relations between the Region  and Malaysia, also stressed the need for Malaysian companies to have a prime location in the economic arena in Kurdistan to take advantage of the investment opportunities offered for foreigners,  in the light of the Investment Law No. 4 of 2006, which gives a lot of privileges and facilities for foreign companies not offered by other countries and was a catalyst for the entry of many foreign companies to the market of Kurdistan, the head of the delegation guest ,said I visited Kurdistan two years ago did not find what I find now , there are physical and structural changes andpromised to publish and deliver a positive message to the Malaysian economic institutions about the economic reality of the growing Kurdistan region.

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Erbil on 06/05/2013 , the Ceremony of Signing a Memorandum of Understanding Between Erbil and Khoram Abad Chambers of Commerce took placein the building of the Erbil  Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the presence of the Kurdistan and the Iranians businessmen. The memorandum wassigned by the  Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry  President , Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat and Khorram Abad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. HusseinSalahfarazi, President and Chief Executive Officer, also the signing ceremony attended by Mr. Mohsen Bufah the Deputy General Consul of Iran  based in Erbil. .

The Memo –was including  a number of articles and paragraphs that serve the commercial and economic interests of each of the Kurdistan region andthe Islamic Republic of Iran.

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Erbil : on 06/05/2013 ,Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat President of the Erbil  Chamber of Commerce and Industry at  his office  ,has received a Chinese trade delegation specialist in heavy machinery, construction of roads, bridges and the establishment of tunnels  who is visiting the region in order to enter the market of Kurdistan, Mr. President of the Chamber ,has touched in this meeting  ,to the existing renaissance development in the region and the need for economic institutions ,to a wider role  from foreign companies ,with high skills ,to fill the void in some technical corners, and expressed its readiness, to provide full support for the  Chinese company ,in order to facilitate the opening of a branch for them in Erbil, then Mr. Sean head of the guest delegation expressed his thanks and appreciation for the warm reception and valuable  information about the growing economic reality in the region.

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Erbil:, on 06.04.2013,Mr.Dara Jalil khayat ,the President of Erbil  Chamber of Commerce has received  at  his office Mr. Mike Tank head of the Taiwanese commercial delegation, who is visiting the region to look closely at the activities of trade and economic and investment programs proposed for implementation, Mr. President of the Chamber focused on the importance of visiting of foreign trade delegations to Kurdistan Region to transfer facts about the economic reality and stable commercial atmosphere  to stimulate foreign companies to enter the market of Kurdistan, as suggested by the visiting delegation that the related Taiwan's economic authorities to hold an economic business & conference in Erbil in the future to be a step towards building a better trade relations between the two countries, Mr.Khayat  promised Chamber  to play an Active role in the success of the proposed conference to produce good results and serve the economies of the two countries, the Taiwan side, Mr. Chairman of the delegation thanked, Mr. President of the Chamber for the warm reception and adequate explanation of the economics of the region and answering technical questions about economics.

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Erbil on 04/06/2013 Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat President  Of Erbil Chamber of Commerce and industry ,at his office  has received an Egyptian oil and gas  technical delegationrepresenting Egypt Oil And Gaz Company ,including   Mr. Faisal Rabee Technical Advisor and Mr. Yasser Salah al-Din manager of Alexandria Area  for the company andMr. Jamal Mustafa Hamza relations manager at the Embassy of Republic of Iraq in Cairo,.

The Delegation  was welcomed by the President of the Chamber and appreciated this visit ,wished them success and a pleasant stay in the region, then the technical director of the visiting delegation  pointed to the legal procedures  should be followed in the region that would facilitate the establishment of a network to transport natural gas from the fields to buildings and dwellings in the whole region ,which is a  technical practice inmost countries of the civilized world, which reduces the cost and risk of the citizen, Mr.President of the Chamber expressed special interest for the proposed project, whichcan be implemented in coordination with the government in the framework of theinvestment Law No. 4 of 2006.

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Erbil: On 06/03/2013, Mr. Dara Jalil Khayat, President of the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Industry  has received at  his office Joint British Parliamentary and Commercial  delegation represented by Ms Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Britain and Mr. Jason McCartney, a member of the British Parliament from the Conservative Party, Mr. President of the Chambertalked about the  importance of strengthening economic and trade relations between the Region  and Britain, which are going for the better ,reattributed  to the government's balanced policy based on the foundations of civilization in building these relationships and  the economic situation , stable security let  British and foreign companies rush to the region to benefit from the development programs offered by  the implementation of the investment Law, which gives a lot of facilities and privileges to foreign companies investment, as pointed out  to government support for young people, especially college graduates by giving them financial aid until finding job opportunities for them, especially some of the government institutions in the Region  granting loans for young people wishing to set up small businesses or medium and the  delegation thanked Mr. President of the Chamber for the warm reception and giving the bright image of the Kurdistan region which encourages British businessmen to come  to enter the market of Kurdistan, and finally pointed to the big economic conference to be held in Britain, where offered an invitation to Mr. President of the Chamber to participate in.

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